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For Teams

Premium Pass provides professional technical training to help teams operate more safely, efficiently, and effectively.
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How Premium Pass for Teams Works

Named-user annual subscription to Technical Toolboxes training

Subscription Access

Access to 130+ hours of unlimited self-paced courses & selected live trainings

Free Private Classes

Unlock private classes taught by our SMEs, tailored to your organization's unique learning & development needs 

Custom Curriculums

Work with our SMEs to develop custom curriculums - by role and tenure - to make it easy for your teams to get the most relevant training for their jobs

Competitive Pricing

Contact us to learn more about special offers for teams and how Premium Pass can help maximize your ROI on training

How Teams Use Premium Pass

The most cost effective and efficient way for you to meet all of your team's learning and development needs

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Onboard New Hires

Get your new hires up to speed on fundamental industry topics to help them succeed in their new role

Earn PDHs

The most cost effective way for you and your team to earn hours required for PEs and other industry mandated licenses

Retain Employees

Show your team that you are invested in their personal and professional development by providing them with access to training

Build Skills

Ensure your teams are up to speed on the latest methodologies, best practices, and regulations to put them in a position to operate safely, effectively, and compliantly 

Benefits of Premium Pass for Teams

 Invest in Your Whole Team 

Classes range from beginner to advanced levels that help you cover all training needs from onboarding new employees to fulfilling PDHs for your PEs

 Trust the Content

Training content developed and taught by pipeline engineers with decades of experience and numerous teaching awards

 Empower Your Employees

Multiple learning formats + continuously updated library allows your team to pick the classes they 
want to take when they want to take them   

 Increase Productivity

Increase team productivity by reducing days of work missed traveling to conferences and off-site

 Reduce Administrative Burden

One platform covering all training; eliminate time spent searching for classes & time wasted on budget
approval requests for one-off classes

 Save Money

The most cost-effective way to get training for your team; customers save $2,000 / employee / year when using Premium Pass
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