October 10, 2023: Hydraulics Analyses for Pipelines, Pumps, and Compressors 

  • Author: Dr. Kunal Dutta-Roy
  • Level: Advanced
  • Study time: 8 hours
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Course overview
What is hydraulics analysis? What is hydraulic modeling? What are pipeline hydraulics?

This one-day course will cover these topics to help you understand the engineering fundamentals and practical pipeline industry applications with an emphasis on hydraulic modeling and flow assurance considerations. Classroom descriptions will be interspersed with worked example problems that will highlight methodologies, discuss practical options, and provide a hands-on approach to engineering analysis and modeling flow phenomena in single-phase gas and liquid pipelines and multiphase flowlines.

This training will provide engineers with an understanding of the common practices in the hydraulic analyses for pipelines, pumps, and compressors, including the assessment of throughput capacity, estimation of line sizing, prediction of pressure and temperature profiles, and the analysis of surge conditions.

Our live-virtual trainings are conducted in a real-time question and answer classroom format. You may ask questions or comment throughout either verbally or in writing.   

: 8:30  a.m. (CDT)
END TIME: 4:00 p.m. (CDT)

PDH Certificate included upon successful completion

  • Course Outline

    • Session 1 – Basic Pipeline Hydraulics
    • Session 2 – Fundamentals of Multiphase Flow
    • Session 3 – Influence of Fluid Properties 
  • Afternoon:
    • Session 4 – Flow Assurance
    • Session 5 – Pump and Compressor Analyses
    • Session 6 – Workshop Problem (Pumping vs. Drag Reduction)
  • The following solved example problems will be provided as seminar handouts:
    • Hydraulic Pressure Gradients
    • Colebrook White Friction Factor Calculation
    • Transition Friction Factor Estimation
    • Gas Pipeline Flow Rate Calculations
    • Surge Analysis in Liquid Pipes
    • Multiphase Flow Parameters
    • Horizontal Flow Pattern Predictions
    • Gas Compressibility Calculations
    • Oil Density from Bulk Modulus and Thermal Expansion
    • Pipeline Temperature Profile
    • Pump and Compressor Horsepower Calculations
    • Economic Evaluation of Drag Reduction vs. Pumping

Dr. Kunal Dutta-Roy

Managing Consultant at EICE International LLC
ABOUT Dr. Dutta-Roy
Dr. Kunal Dutta-Roy is well-recognized in the petroleum industry as a thought leader and pioneer in adapting advanced technologies to oilfield operations analysis. He has led several successful initiatives with the leading technology providers in this area in a career spanning over thirty-five years.

His expertise extends from the reservoir, through the wellbore and production facilities, and further downstream to the pipelines and processing facilities. Dr. Dutta-Roy’s recent clients include Marathon Oil, PRCI, US Dept. Of Transportation, Halliburton, ConocoPhillips, and Schlumberger.

Dr. Dutta-Roy holds a Bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-ISM), along with MS and Ph.D. degrees, also in Petroleum Engineering, from the University of Tulsa.