March 19, 2024: Horizontal Directional Drilling for Pipelines Feasibility Workshop

  • Author: David Willoughby
  • Level: Advanced
  • Study time: 4 hours
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Course overview

What are the problems with horizontal directional drilling? What is a HDD method mostly suitable for? What re the limits of HDD? Why is HDD valuable?

In the realm of Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), a pivotal aspect is determining whether crossing obstacles via HDD is technically viable. This hinges on the compatibility of the proposed crossing with today's tools and methods, gleaned from past installations.

Evaluating HDD project feasibility involves a site survey, a crucial initial step encompassing surface and subsurface elements. Our webinar covers key survey tasks, surface and subsurface considerations, and the impact of natural and man-made features. We explore how subsurface conditions influence HDD phases, considering soil types, stratification, and groundwater.

Environmental concerns are paramount; we discuss assessing drilling fluid resurfacing due to hydrofracture by comparing soil confinement to operational annular pressure.

After exploring surface and subsurface feasibility, we examine real-world feasibility studies and reports for practical insights.

Our live-virtual trainings are conducted in a real-time question and answer classroom format. You may ask questions or comment throughout either verbally or in writing. 

START TIME: 8:30 a.m. (CDT)
END TIME: 12:30 p.m. (CDT)

PDH Certificate included upon successful completion

  • Course Outline

    HDD Feasibility Considerations
    • Site Surveys
    • Identifying Possible Challenges for a HDD project
  • Surface Conditions Feasibility Concerns
    • Work Area Conditions
    • Surface Features
  • Subsurface Conditions Feasibility Concerns
    • Geologic Research and Site Reconnaissance
    • Geotechnical Survey
    • Interpreting Subsurface Data
  • Borehole Stability Analysis
    Review and Discuss Real World HDD Feasibility Study and Report

David Willoughby

HDD and Cathodic Protection Design SME, Former Director RK&K
David Willoughby has 40 years of experience in engineering, pipeline design, corrosion control, and management in the petroleum and utilities pipeline industry. His experience includes gas transmission and distribution systems, petroleum facilities, and water/sewer pipelines from conception through design, construction and testing, economic evaluation, and project field supervision. Mr. Willoughby has been responsible for the design, permitting, inspection, and construction administration of numerous horizontal directional drills (HDD) on pipeline projects. He is the author of several articles and two books published by McGraw-Hill, The Plastic Piping Handbook (2002) and Horizontal Directional Drilling (2005).

Mr. Willoughby provides HDD training to the pipeline and utility industries. He has presented at the engineering workshop at N.C. Utilities Commission Office of the Pipeline Safety Conference and the Southern Gas Association Annual Conference. Mr. Willoughby’s HDD training is used to provide Professional Development Hours (PDU) for professional engineers in many states, including Texas.