Integrity Assessment of Carrier Pipes Inside Cased Crossings (previously recorded live training)

  • Author: Technical Toolboxes
  • Level: Advanced
  • Study time: 3 hours
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What is cased crossing? 
How do we assess the integrity inside carrier pipes?

This previously recorded training course covers the mandated integrity assessments on the electrical isolation of pipelines from other structures as required by the PHMSA. This includes casings, isolating devices, AC transmission lines, etc. Underground pipelines must be electrically isolated from other underground metallic casings unless the pipeline and the other structure. Inspection and electrical tests must be made to assure that electrical isolation is adequate to meet TVC requirements.
  • Video time: 2.75 hours
  • Exams: 1

Joe Pikas

Content SME-V.P. for Pipeline Integrity and Corrosion Engineering Services for Technical Toolboxes
Joe Pikas is a consultant for Technical Toolboxes with more than 50 years of experience in pipeline construction, operations, corrosion control design, and implementation, including pipeline engineering management.

He is an expert in pipeline integrity management, risk management, coating materials selection, cathodic protection design, and testing, and internal and external pipeline corrosion control.

In 2009, he was awarded the NACE Distinguished Service Award and received an industry award in 2002 from AGA, GTI, INGAA, NACE, OPS, and PRCI International. Also, he has contributed over 50 papers to industry trade magazines, NACE, SSPC, and other publications and conferences.