Pipeline Testing (Gas) User Guide

  • Author: TT
  • Level: Advanced
  • Study time: 2 hours
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Course overview
The Pipeline Toolbox is home to many tools and calculators. The PLTB User’s Guide presents information, guidelines, and procedures for use during design, construction, operations and integrity tasks for field or office applications. Pressure testing is an industry-accepted method for validating the integrity of pipelines. This integrity assessment method can be both for strength and leak integrity testing. These methods are appropriate for the type of testing and functions performed.  Results of a risk assessment and the types of anomalies expected are used to determine when to conduct inspections utilizing pressure testing.   In addition,  a Hydro Test Workflow and Automation will help the user reduce the time it takes to develop a full fledge Hydro Test report from days to hours. This is achieved through intuitive workflow, internal validation, and automation for Hydro Test workflow.