Pipeline Compressors (Gas) User Guide

  • Author: TT
  • Level: Advanced
  • Study time: 2 hours
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Course overview
The Pipeline Toolbox is home to many tools and calculators. The PLTB User’s Guide presents information, guidelines and procedures for use during design, construction, and operations tasks for field or office applications. A compressor station is one of the most critical components in a natural gas pipeline system. Compressor stations supply the energy to pump gas from production fields, to overcome frictional losses in transmission pipelines, and to pump gas into and from storage reservoirs. Careful design and operation of these facilities are vital to maintaining the integrity of the entire pipeline system.   The intent of this module is to provide the entry level engineer, the resident compressor designer, and other gas industry personnel, particularly those engaged in gas supply projects, with the fundamentals of natural gas compression from the planning through the operating phases.
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